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Popular Destinations

We have thousands of tours around the world for you to choose from. If you can’f find exactly what you are looking for, we can craft a personalised itinerary for you, or combine tours, cruises and free time to create your perfect holiday.


With around 40 countries packed into the smallest continent, there is a huge variety of things to see and do. Greek architecture, French vineyards, German music and Scandinavian glaciers all compete for your attention as you try to decide where to go first. And second. And again and again. Hike the length of Italy or glide silenty along the rivers on a river cruise. Go to a musical in London’s West End or kick up your heels at dine at a street cafe in Paris.  Many Australian travellers like to go the the UK, and then Western Europe with a focus on France, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland for their first trip. Once that is covered, the next step we recommend is Central Europe with fascinating history to be uncovered in Czechia (Prague), Hungary and Austria. Why not take a cruise along the Danube from Budapest to Vienna and then further westwards to take in some the greatest of European music and art history?

Alternatively, you can go north to the rugged beauty of the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, where you can see the majestic fjords of Norway, and the “Venice of the North”, St Petersburg in Russia.



The nearest continent to Australia is awash with sounds and sights and smells to tantalise your senses. As soon as you step off the plane the world will become exciting and unfamiliar. Horns honk as 3-wheeled taxis (tuk-tuks) jostle with bicycles, cars, trucks and pedestrians competing for a share of narrow streets. Hawkers are everywhere, eager to sell you a paper, some street food, small garments or souvenirs. You can immerse yourself in the culture and visit what seems like an endless list of ornate temples, gurdwaras or shrines. Perhaps your ideal holiday takes the form of lying on glistening white sand; perhaps it is trekking through jungles or along treacherous paths in the Himalayan Mountains. Whatever you choose, the locals will offer unrivalled hospitality and you will return home with unforgettable memories.


North America

Canada and the United States are your choices of destinations here. Don’t fall for the mistake of thinking the small number of countries translating to a small number of experiences. Oh, no! Because of its importance in English-language cinema, we all have a fair impression of American cities, and some of the countryside for that matter. But nothing will prepare you for the full-on confidence and brashness of many residents. Class structure and racism certainly abound, but is probably almost invisible to the casual visitor. You will definitely want to go shopping and pick up some bargain clothing as the prices are an absolute steal when compared to Australia.

Everything is big. Whether it is the Grand Canyon, the basketball players or simple the girth of diners in any restaurant, BIG IS KING.  As soon as you get away from the big cities, enjoy big country music, big skies, big jazz or big sporting events and entertainment.

Canada is just up the road, with its own “BIG”. Big bears, big wildlfe parks and big national parks. Don’t miss out on visiting the (BIG) Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountain Railway or a stunning cruise through the Inside Passage on the way to Alaska (a BIG State) that was sold for a mere million dollars.

Latin America

Make a list of ancient cultures and it won’t be long before you include the likes of the Mayans, the Aztecs or the Incas, to name just three of many. If you plan well, perhaps you can go to, or even participate in an archeological dig. If that doesn’t float your boat, consider making friends with the wildlife of Galapagos, or the nightlife of Rio. How about a glass of tequila in Mexico?

The Amazon Jungle and the famous river that nourishes it occupies a vast area in the North of the Continent that extends almost from the South Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The Andes Mountains run almost the entire length of the continent and imposes itself by sucking the moisture out of the clouds, resulting high altitude deserts where very little wildlife can survive.


Africa and Middle East

The 54  countries of Africa and 18 countries in the Middle East offer endless opportunities for travel, adventure and more. Safaris in Africa and pilgrimages to the three major religions of the Middle East are obvious choices. Of course, there is much more to offer such seeing the archeology of  Egypt or Jordan might appeal to you. Luminosity® sponsors a community organisation called The Sunbeam Project in rural Uganda as part of our social responsibility, and many of our clients choose to visit to get an authentic insight into rural life.  


Polar Regions

Going to the extreme north of extreme south of our planet give unrivalled opportunities to explore different environments. We offer a large range of alternatives for travel by land, sea or both. Talk to our specialist travel consultants for suggestions. 


Travel Styles

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